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Hearing Benefits

Older man getting fitted for a hearing aid

Affordable Hearing Benefits. That Sounds Perfect.

Our hearing changes as we age and has a profound impact on our lives. It’s important to take care of it, and even more important to recognize when it’s time to address any hearing loss.

AvMed Members benefit from comprehensive coverage through our partner, NationsHearing.

Medicare Member Hearing Benefits

  • $0 copay for annual hearing exam
  • $0 copay for hearing aid fitting and evaluation
  • Hearing aid allowance, up to $1,500 per ear every two years*
  • Three-year warranty
  • Three-year supply of hearing aid batteries
  • One-year loss and damage coverage (deductible applies)
  • Trial period
  • Three-year manufacturer repair warranty

* Available only with AvMed Medicare Choice HMO

NationsHearing Member Portal

Get details about coverage, browse for local providers or even take a digital hearing test right from the comfort of your home when you log in to the NationsHearing Member Portal.


NationsHearing Member Portal 

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